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FREE Heating Replacement Grants
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Under the Governments ECO Scheme in 2017, qualifying home owners and Private tenants could have their old in-efficient heating systems like boilers or Electric Storage heaters replaced completely free of charge
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Dependent on your property and postcode you could qualify to get energy saving measures completely free or highly
subsidised through Government backed incentives and free grants.
so why could i get something for free?

The scheme was set up by the Government to reduce our carbon footprint & help low-income families improve the efficiency of their homes and reduce their energy bills.

If you receive a low income, Child Tax Credits, Working Tax credits, Pension Credits, JSA or Income support you could qualify.

However, government funding is limited and will not last forever.

You can find out if you are eligible for a grant by completing our online form today. It’s really easy to do Two or three minutes is all it takes.

Have you been turned down in the past?
If you have applied in the past with no success you may be accepted now as the qualifying criteria was changed dramatically at the beginning of the year (2017) to help more households pass for free funding.
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Who we work with & where the funding comes from
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Boiler Grants
Do you have a Gas, Oil or LPG boiler over 5 years old? If you receive a low income, Child Tax Credits, Working Tax credits, Pension Credits, JSA or Income you could qualify saving you money off your gas bill each month.
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Electric Storage Heater Grants
Do you have old or faulty storage heaters? If you receive a low income, Child Tax Credits, Working Tax credits, Pension Credits, JSA or Income support you can now get them replaced completely free. Newer technology replacements can help you instantly save around 30% off your electricity bill.
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Flood Defense Grants
Have you been affected by a flood at your property or do you live in a flood risk area?
If so, you could be entitled to a free £5000 Government flood resilience grant to protect your property from future flooding.
Did you know? 1 in 6 homes are at risk of being flooded, the average cost to fix a flood damaged home is £30.000 and you could be out of your home for up to 12 months waiting for it to dry out
Have you been affected?
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Free Cavity Extractions
The Energy Saving trust, amongst many other organisations, have accepted that a number of properties have been incorrectly fitted with the wrong type of insulation material – tens of thousands of homes have fallen into this bracket.
In fact, 250,000 Homes in the UK were scanned as part of a survey – the results showed that over 50% of these homes had damp or insulation issues.
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Bright energy is a trading name of City Energy, a national award winning organisation who were recently awarded national provider of the year at the industries prestigious national energy awards.

We currently hold contracts with 5 of the 6 big utility companies on behalf of the Governments energy company obligation frame work, providing free insulation & heating systems nationally to some of the most vulnerable people in society.

Last year alone we facilitated over 15,000 energy saving installations on various Government approved contracts

The following organisations provide comprehensive information on current incentives
Income Thresholds
Universal Credit & Tax Credit
The following will apply from April 2017 and these new thresholds mean that households on Universal Credit or Tax Credit with an income no higher than the typical household will be eligible – these are adjusted based on the number and type of people living in the household
How Much Can You SAVE With a NEW BOILER?